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Apr. 12th, 2017 12:59 am
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I'm on my way to Dreamwidth - slowly finding people's DW accounts while I wait for my LJ posts to be imported.

At the moment, I'm hoping to avoid giving anyone's LJ account access to my (future) private DW posts. Once the dust settles I may end up changing my mind, depending on whether I actually still know anyone who still reads LJ but doesn't also have a DW account.
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March 9, 7pm: einstein's little homunculus is playing a coffeehouse-concert at the PACC coffeehouse in Arlington MA. Come see our surprise guest fiddler ([livejournal.com profile] coraline)! Marvel at Paul's new accordion! Brave the wintry weather, or cap off a beautiful spring-like day!

We're bringing back some songs we haven't played in a while (like "Don't Ask"), and tackling some ENSMB repertoire. How does it sound when a 6-piece acoustic folk band covers ENSMB? Come find out!

If purchased in advance, tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students and seniors; or $20 and $12 at the door. (For tickets, contact the church office at 781-643-8680 or send email to the Concert Series Committee.
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I will be rocking out in einstein's little homunculus this Saturday night at the Worcester contra dance!

Details: November 10 )
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Continuing my crazybusy performance schedule for the year, I'm booked solid the next two weekends with elh contras and ENSMB circus.

If you want to see me, note that I will *not* be at the 6/11 evening performance of Reign of Revelry - I have a prior commitment to play a Contra dance with Einstein's Little Homunculus that evening.

elh @ Worcester Contras: June 11 )

Reign of Revelry: June 3-4, 10-11 )
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Einstein's Little Homunculus will be playing a contra dance and a concert this weekend at NEFFA. (Note that NEFFA moved from Natick to Mansfield, MA in 2007, so if you haven't been in a while, be sure to look up directions.)

This concert is extra-special for three reasons (in increasing importance):

  • elh last played NEFFA in 2006 (i.e. the last year at Natick High School)
  • We will feature the rarely-witnessed full band lineup - Tich, Paul, Sue, Carol, me, and Rob!
  • This will be our last NEFFA in this incarnation of the band. The story is not (yet) mine to tell, but things just won't be the same in the future.

Here's our schedule for NEFFA:

  • Friday April 15, 7:00pm to 7:50pm: Contra Energizer with caller Chris Weiler: a high-energy contra dance set.
  • Saturday April 16, 9:00pm to 9:50pm: The Return of the Homunculi: elh in concert -- a mixture of slightly skewed original songs and rockin' arrangements of jigs, reels, and other melodies from the British Isles and beyond.

It's gonna be a good time! Come on out and see what my ENSMB chops have done for my contra tunes!

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We just got back from a weekend of rocking and rolling in Austin, showing off some new tunes to boot -- we had 9 performances in a mere 48 hours, and as an ENSeMBle we've never been hotter or tighter! Whenever the band does an all-weekend lovefest like this, afterwards it's clear we've leveled up in a big way...

...so all the more reason to come see us this Friday night at Johnny D's! )
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A few highlights from a trip I made out to Bard College and its environs. I'll spare your friends page the whole photoset.

Apparently, there are always problems:

Found strolling in the woods near Lake Taghkanic:

And, apparently, Harry Potter has been quite the philanthropist with Bard College )
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Last night's show was a hot and raucous time!

I highly recommend coming to tonight's show; between ENSMB, burlesque, aerial silks, aerial lyra, an unbelievable strip-tease down to a pair of striped suspenders holding up a necktie garter belt, very slick trio juggling, and even more burlesque, we're serving up an evening packed full of awesomeness.

Plus a brilliant strip-tease which begins with a woman wearing a lab coat and lab goggles. Need I say more?

Even if you're not coming, you shoudl check out a few of the pretty pretty pictures from last night's show!

Details... )
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The biggest variety show of the summer is only two days away! This show is going to be a non-stop ride from beginning to end with performers in every nook and cranny of Oberon.  for your own pleasure, i highly encourage you to go. ;)
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ENSMB is headlining at Johnny D's tonight (with Goli and Tall Tall Trees)! We will go on sometime around 10:30-11pm, I'm guessing.

Come out and see us and pick up our awesome new CD!
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Tomorrow (friday) night at 7:30pm, ENSMB is guest-starring with Kim "Vermillion" Boekbinder at the Lilypad in Inman Square, Cambridge. We'll be backing her on some of her set, and might play some of our own tunes in the latter portions of the evening!
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The next morning, we went to the Museé d'Orsay, which had a lot of beautiful art, including a bunch of lovely art nouveau. I'm going to break it down a bit, and start by just giving y'all a quick survey of the arthropod art I saw there... )

ETA: oh! and this butterfly I found later that day, sitting on a granite street-side seat near the Musée de Cluny

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I'll be rocking the Cambridge Masonic hall all day Sunday (November 15)!

From 2-5pm, I'll be playing with [livejournal.com profile] coraline and other members of the Ad-Hoc Waltz & Quadrille Band for the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers' Mostly Victorian Tea Dance. The company is charming, the music is spirited, and the snacks are delicious!

And from 7-10:30pm ELH is playing the BIDA Contra Dance and Dessert Potluck. This is my first time onstage for BIDA, but I know they're good folks and you can count on ELH to lay down a mesmerizing trans-genre contra groove.

Both dances begin with a teaching session, so inexperience is no excuse for missing out!
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So, we went to France in August. I've finally finished all the various fragments of yak-shaving necessary to get my pictures processed and online. After the final cull, there were 215 pictures left. I'm going to post my favorites from that here in several small batches over the next week or two, behind LJ-cuts... )

For the completist, the obsessive, the eager, and the doomed, you can go see the full set.
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This weekend and next, I'm playing clarinets (bass, soprano, and sopranino) in the Metro Stage Company's production of Sweeney Todd. The production is excellent, the cast is spectactular, and even the orchestra is beautiful!

Tonight was opening night, and it went swimmingly, especially for an opening night. The remaining performances are the 17th, 23, and 24th at 8pm, an early Thursday show at 7:30pm on the 22nd, and 2pm matinee this Sunday (the 18th).

If you've never seen Sweeney, let me advise you that it's ... rather dark. Not exactly a Halloween show, but not far from it:

a synopsis... )


Oct. 7th, 2009 02:30 pm
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As has been outlined over in the [livejournal.com profile] ensmb LJ community, ENSMB is rocking HONKfest this weekend. Free admission for everything, EXCEPT for Sunday night's show in the Somerville Theater ($10).

details... )

Come out and see the insanity!
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Mark your calendars now! HONK! 2009 is coming to the Boston area, October 9-11.

Dozens of street bands will be playing all over the city on the 9th, in Davis Square on the 10th, and parading from Davis to Harvard on the 11th (and joining the Harvard Square Oktoberfest that day).
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