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"Herb at 75: Celebrating Jazz at MIT" (here is the MIT news office blurb)

8pm TONIGHT (April 23), come see me playing bari sax with the MIT Alumni Jazz Band!

The alumni band is really remarkable; this is the cream of the last 40 years of jazz at MIT. Many of them have traveled from out-of-state just for this reunion performance. Let me tell you, the alumni band is amazing! This is no herd of out-of-breath geezers -- these are the musicians who have very clearly been actively honing their skills for the last 10-40 years. (Note, there will be a full set by the current MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble; the alumni band plays only three songs.)

This concert celebrates the 75th birthday of FJE founder Herb Pomeroy.

Guests include:

  • Herb Pomeroy (both directing and performing solos) -- a phenomenal musician, and director of the FJE for 22 years. (As I wrote two years ago when performing a full concert with him, Herb is amazing...)
  • Mark Harvey (as composer, director, and soloist) -- long-time jazz performer, composer, Ellington scholar, and teacher
  • Jamshied Sharifi (as composer and soloist), who was hand-picked by Pomeroy to succeed him as FJE director from 1985 to 1993

TONIGHT, Kresge Auditorium. $5 at the door.

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I had a really amazing time jamming at NEFFA today.

It started with some really phenomenal stuff in the back hall, with a small group of really fantastic musicians who play pick-up together every year at NEFFA. (Here's a picture of us jamming last year. That's [ profile] coraline on the left, and me on the right in purple. :-)

But wait, it gets better....

About an hour before Einstein's Little Homunculus was due to perform, they mentioned that Sue (bari sax, flute, etc) wasn't going to make it. And invited me to sub in for her (on bass clarinet)! I've been an ELH fan for nearly a decade now... but this was rather unexpected. So unexpected, in fact, that I really had never played most of the music I was about to perform in front of a packed house. But I wasn't about to pass up such an honor and delight.

It was really amazing. And while I don't think I quite did Sue's solo on Disobedience justice -- it's a fast jig I'd never played on clarinet -- I think Paul was a little surprised when I pretty much nailed her bass line on Celibacy note for note. :-)

Wheeee! An excellent day with a fantastic ending.
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Soon, I'll be playing six woodwinds )

for the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club's production of Sunday in the Park with George.

The performances are at not-quite-random times between April 30-May 8, on the Loeb Main Stage. Warning, I will NOT be performing the night of April 30, so if you want to hear me play, go on any other day.

About the show... )
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At 8pm this Saturday (December 6), I'm playing contrabass clarinet with the MITWE. I have several solos in our arrangement of Bach's Art of the Fugue.

Details: MIT Wind Ensemble


  • Shostakovich, Festive Overture
  • Wagner, Trauersinfonie
  • Hasse, Pulling (for flute ensemble)
  • Brown, The Gift of the Modupe (for percussion ensemble)
  • Weill, music from Threepenny Opera (for saxophone ensemble)
  • Bernstein, America (for saxophone ensemble)
  • Bach, The Art of the Fugue, contrapunctus I, V, VIII, IX
  • Gould, Symphony No. 4 West Point, movement II

The Bach arrangement is as recently transcribed by Kenneth Amis. To the best of our knowledge, this has never been set for wind ensemble; we'll be performing it in a special configuration.

December 6, 8pm, Kresge Auditorium. $3 at the door.

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8pm, Saturday May 3, come see me playing bari sax in the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble!

This concert celebrates the 40th anniversary of the FJE.

Guest conductor: Herb Pomeroy -- founder of the FJE, and its director from 1963-1985. Herb is amazing... )

We will be playing tunes from the entire history of the ensemble's repertoire.

May 3, 8pm, Kresge Auditorium. $3 at the door.

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This Thursday (March 20), I'm playing a bass clarinet solo with MITSO, in a piece composed by Brian Robison.

Details: MIT Symphony Orchestra (John Harbison, guest conductor)


  • Robison, Imagined Corners
  • Brahms, Violin Concerto (Rose Mary Harbison, soloist)
  • Haydn, Symphony No. 90

Thursday March 20, 8pm, Kresge Auditorium. $3 at the door.

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8pm, Saturday March 8, come see me playing bass clarinet and bari sax in the

Big Elephant Brass Band!

A joint performance of the MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble and the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra.

Guest conducted by Aardvark director Mark Harvey.

Saturday March 8, 8pm, Kresge Auditorium. $3 at the door*.

(* I can get free tickets for friends; just ask in advance.)

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Soon, Star Wars: The Musical Edition will be coming to a theater you might be near.

The Boston Phoenix gives a little insight into the production.

Among other things, this production will feature me playing clarinet for the Creature Cantina. (Offstage. While there is a clarinettist in the on-stage band, she won't actually be playing an instrument.)
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8pm, Friday Nov. 15, come see me playing bass clarinet and bari sax in the

MIT Festival Jazz Ensemble!


  • Mingus' "Fables of Faubus"
  • Souriau's "Lord of the Rings" (*)
  • "The Shrike"
  • World Premiere of "Them"
  • "Toutankhamon"

Guest conducted by Magali Souriau

November 15, 8pm, Kresge Auditorium. $3 at the door.

(* written almost a decade ago; unrelated to the recent revival)
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Wow. That was amazing. I have just two things to say.

First, Jolt's (new?) "Espresso" coffee-cola blend is every bit as vile as one can imagine it might be.

Second, the folks at the Russian wedding I was just at were truly amazing. They were dancing and stomping and hooting and clapping and I think enjoying it every bit as much as we were on stage. It was beautiful watching them losing themselves in the moment so fully.


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